"We are here to help"

Welcome to The Angels Wings Foundation

We are an organisation established to assist those Irish Citizens who qualify and are eligible to take advantage from the 2011 EU Cross Border Healthcare Directive.

We are self funding and we do not seek to generate profits. We depend on the work of dedicated volunteers, all of whom have been touched by addiction.

Our intention is to assist those who know they are addicted, in any way we can, to obtain the treatment they are entitled to.... Now.

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We are here to offer help to those who want a better future. Be it Alcohol or the abuse of any Substance that is ruining your life, we offer a path to a recognized three week detoxification programme.

Amongst our network of volunteers we have access to doctors, lawyers social workers and other recovering addicts and their family members.

Drawing on their skills,

  • We source and check out the best clinics and doctors.
  • We arrange the finance to pay for the treatment whilst the State repays.
  • We have volunteers who assist in completing the paperwork.
  • We have appointed Irish Lawyers to act for and assist applicants.

"We are here to help! Our volunteers are here to help you complete your application for treatment"

"With Angels Wings once your application is approved, the cost of treatment is FREE to you!"

"Yes! Its hard to believe, the treatment programme you need and are entitled to will cost NOTHING to you!"

"Angels Wings can usually secure an admission date at the treatment centre within days of the HSE approving your application, and the programme is FREE to you!"

The Angels Wings Foundation and the Health Service Executive

The Foundation would not exist without the help and guidance offered by the Cross Border Healthcare Team and its Director.

Angels Wings are only able to assist those entitled to addiction treatment abroad because the HSE, through this Team and its managers, has diligently answered all questions put to them, confirming and clarifying how this Healthcare Directive will be applied.

They remain available to us at all times to ensure that all the applicants processed through The Angels Wings Foundation are dealt with in accordance with the rules.